Reciprocity and the Beauty of Giving Back

"He's just trying to make a living." These simple words, spoken countless times by my mother, have not only defined my worldview but also influenced the way I perceive the interconnectedness of all living beings. In our home, spiders weren't unwelcome intruders to be squashed; they were respected housemates, diligently working to sustain themselves while inadvertently keeping our living spaces free from unwanted pests. It wasn't unusual for us to gently block off a web in a doorway with a piece of ribbon so their work would not be disturbed. My mother's attitude not only shaped my perspective but also instilled in me a genuine connection to these creepy crawlies; their lives weren't expendable; they were cherished friends with intrinsic value.

sterling silver spider wed suspended between two branches. 14k gold powder coated black widow dangling from left side of branch. on white backgroung

This unique upbringing provided me with a profound understanding of the concept of reciprocity with nature. It became evident that all living beings, regardless of their size or how different they may be from us, have the innate right to exist and thrive.


Embracing Reciprocity with Nature

This deep-rooted connection to the Earth inspired me to champion the idea of reciprocity with nature in my art. It's about acknowledging that every action we take, no matter how small, has a ripple effect on the delicate balance of our ecosystems. To embrace reciprocity means to take responsibility for our actions and to ensure harmony in our relationship with the natural world.


 VALUE. Sterling silver, 14K gold, rubies, wood

 The Rights of Nature

This paradigm shift recognizes that nature has a right to exist, flourish, and regenerate simply because it exists, not for the benefit we can extract from it. The rights of nature is about acknowledging the intrinsic value of nature itself.

duck centered in photo swimming on lily pond



Finding Belonging and Connection

When I reflect on my place in the natural world, I discover a profound sense of belonging and connection. My mother’s pearl of wisdom rings true - "It’s not just about us."  Reciprocity isn't just an abstract concept; it's a core value that I've woven into every aspect of my business. This commitment to reciprocity is most evident in "The Reciprocity Collection." Here, up to 50% of every sale is dedicated to supporting organizations like the Xerces Society which champions the rights of nature.

oxidized sterling silver ring with domed disc and 3 granuals.  ring is sitting on pink seashell

By honoring the lessons I learned from the spiders in my home and by giving back, I aim to deepen our mutual flourishing and contribute to the creation of a more harmonious world.