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Have you ever gotten lost in the memories of someone else's jewelry box?

You listen over and over again to stories they hold as if you were opening a time capsule.

Hi! I'm Christine Ann Nicols, and I design art jewelry for passionate women who seek meaningful connections in every aspect of life.

I have been designing jewelry since the days of playing in my mother's jewelry box. To be honest I still go back there and listen to the same stories of my great-great aunt's beauty and the suitors that gifted her the most amazing collection of Victorian rings, and my ostentatious great grandmother who thought the gaudier the better. But my views of relationships have evolved to include the living world around me, and my jewelry is a reflection of that.  


I design for women like you, who

  •    -love beautiful, one of a kind, and unique jewelry
  •    -see jewelry as the finishing touch for effortless elegance
  •    -seek connection to the people and living world around you
  •    -value craftsmanship, storytelling, memory, and making an impact in your community

the chicken or the egg?

I am hugely inspired by play and by nature. You will often find me in my studio, derailed from my current project - whether that is cleaning or creating -  following a whim, typically arranging and rearranging stones letting experimentation and challenge guide me.

When that "AHA!" moment strikes and I see a design start to take hold, there are tangible themes, like the lace eaten leaves of Popillia, or the stars in Constellation. Because I start with play it makes me wonder if the idea is dormant somewhere in my consciousness, or if the connections comes after seeing the possibilities.

Are you ready to see the possibilities?