The Timelessness Between Memory and Jewelry



image of antique looking jewelry box on wooden slats

Have you ever found yourself lost in the memories of someone else's jewelry box? A place where stories of people you may never meet and times you'll never experience come to life? Seeing the deep connection between jewelry and the narratives that shape our lives is exactly how my love affair with jewelry unfolded. 

I was able to play archeologist in my mom's jewelry box, unearthing the histories that span the generations of (mostly) women in our family, stretching all the way back to the late 1800s. Her collection  represents the unique joy, sadness, celebration, devastation, and myths that all family histories have. I still go back to that place to relive the stories that I know by heart: From the Victorian rings gifted to Lola, echoing declarations of love, to the poignant tale of my mom's ring with its two missing diamonds. Each piece captures a moment, a feeling, a chapter of our collective journey, and is a testament to the unique stories that jewelry holds.

Of all of my mom’s jewelry, what strikes me most are the rings. Those small, circular pieces of metal and stone carry the weight of profound emotions. More than just accessories, they have become living memories, placeholders for the people we love and the stories we’ve lived. Just as my family's heirloom jewelry tells stories of generations past, the jewelry I make stands as a bridge connecting us with one another and the things around us. It serves as a reminder of our shared moments and a celebration of the beauty of our own journeys.

detail image. sterling silver floral necklace with grape agate and moonstone

Whether you are choosing from one of my pieces that comes with its own story (I’m an art jeweler after all), or we are working together to create a piece that perfectly captures your moment, making memories tangible is a gift I am honored to share with you. As you consider the significance of each piece, remember that the journey doesn't end with the creation – it continues with you. Each time you wear a piece from my collections or one we craft together, you transform fleeting moments into lasting treasures. Your stories deserve to be celebrated, and I am here to craft a wearable masterpiece that reflects the poetry of your life. Let's create something extraordinary together so your loved ones can get lost in the memories of your jewelry box.